The biggest dairy farm discussion group in Australia.

  • Free national Australian email dairy discussion group.
  • Supported by Dairy Australia.
  • 600 subscribers from all facets of the Australian dairy industry.

Imagine a dairy farm discussion group:

  • with 600 people attending;
  • where some really useful stuff gets discussed;
  • where everyone gets to have their say;
  • there is always someone in the group who really knows what they are talking about;
  • there is plenty of time to listen and think about the discussion;
  • there is no need to get dolled up and drive anywhere;
  • it takes up as much or as little time as feel like;
  • you come and go whenever you like, daytime or night time.

Ausdairyl is that discussion group.  It is a bit of technology that allows a very big discussion:

  • It is a large group of experienced dairy farmers, advisors, service providers.  If you ask something, make a comment, want to talk about something, 650 people see it, and can respond.
  • You can discuss anything about dairying, anytime.
  • The breadth of issues that can be discussed is endless.  For example, the price of grain, who has irrigation water for sale, the latest on getting cows in calf, herd health problems and solutions, jobs available, and so on.
  • You don’t have to go anywhere.
  • It is fast   A Tasmania dairy farmer asked about a problem with low calcium levels in his cows, at lunch time Monday.  By 9.00 pm he had four excellent emails to chew over, two from South Australia, one from New Zealand, and one from Warrnambool, Victoria, from people who know what they are talking about.

There have been some excellent discussion in the past.  You can view all emails that have been sent in a searchable archive.

If you would like to join the ausdairyl discussion contact the discussion list manager, Frank Tyndall 0409 940 782