• Set-up and use the Graze Sheet (Advanced Rotation Right tool).
  • The Graze Sheet allows high control of grazing, and helps with supplementary feed decisions.
  • The Graze Sheet is a powerful tool. It calmly does the maths to maintain consistent grazing pressure on paddocks and consistent intake of grass per cow, day-in day-out, while achieving the desired grazing rest time.
  • The Graze Sheet:
    • Determines which paddock is due to be grazed, the number of feeds per paddock based on which paddocks are in the rotation, paddock size, available feed, and grazing rest time required, (generally and for each individual paddock)
    • It provides a residue mowing reminder, shows time since fertiliser and irrigation, grass per cow, and can manage four stock groups.
  • Paddock grazing areas can be measured using Google Earth.
Graze control sheet