Farm Grass Consumption



Many dairy farms have the potential to rapidly increase profit by simply getting the grazing and feed settings right.

Receive, regularly every ten days, powerful visual indicators of your farms’ feeding physical and financial performance, how performance compares to your own farm for one month or three years, and how it is currently trending. No need to wait for year-end analysis; adjustments can be made now.

Farm Grass Consumption
Feed conversion efficiency


Receive, every ten days, a comparison with other farmers in your district.
Data collected and analysed by a consistent method, and a comprehensive report showing the drivers of feeding profit, sent by email.

Group pasture consumption


Group Margin over all Feed

Graphs show milk production and pasture consumption, and a many other indicators that can help diagnose issues and make management decisions, such as milk composition ratio, diet balance, feed efficiency, decline from peak, and cow feed intake.

The Tracker does not suggest any particular dairy production system; it simply provides a confidential insight into your system.

Get the answers to many questions:

  • Are your paddocks performing?
  • Are your cows eating enough and performing?
  • Are your cows eating as much grass as last year, or compared to other farmers in your district?
  • How much does your grass cost?
  •  Is the cow feed ration OK?   Maybe the fibre is too high or low?
  • Are other farmers, with higher or lower inputs of fertiliser and grain, getting higher margins?
  • What might you tweak to get a bit more margin?